Make Joke Of: A Creator Who Proved the Power of Content Without Obscenity

If you are a youtube user, then you must know about a channel named 'MAKE JOKE OF'. And if you have seen their videos, then you yourself will become a fan of it. Everyone waits for MJO's new video. In such a short time, they able to made 10 Million subscribers for his clean content channel. If you talk about the subject, then MJO has proved that good comedy content can be made without obscenity. Their videos are based on current situations that made you to enjoy the innocence comedy.

The language of UP is dominated by Bollywood to television industry, but if we talk only about Kanpur, then the mood of the city is different from the mood of the local language. Make Joke Of videos made in Kanpuriya language and the audience really like the way they communicate. The dialogues coming out of the cartoon characters' mouth give the audience a strange pleasure. So let us know today some special things about the Famous Make Joke Of.

Make Joke Of: A journey of 3 Years, and a Family of 10 Million.

If we talk about their youtube voyage, the channel was started on 1 Aug 2017 on youtube. The content was so unique that, it achieved 1 million subscribers in just 58 days, making a record of 'India's first fastest 1 Million Subscribers Gaining Channel'. Till date they have more than 1,242,612,411 total views on their channel, and also have more than 10 million subscribers that's quite amazing. And the one more interesting thing is that they only have 31 videos posted till date.

Creators Behind Make Joke Of:

Once MJO posted the 'One Man Army' in his Channel description. Also on his twitter, they wrote "A 21-year-old Writer, Animator, and Voice Actor behind the YT Channel Make Joke Of".Which means that its managed by only one artist. But it's also very interesting that a huge famed channel who has a family of more than 1 crore has not revealed its identity yet. After so much research, it was found that he could not reveal his identity due to any personal reasons. But we hope that this secret will soon be revealed.

Popular Videos of 'Make Jokes Of':

 1.Tabla Sir

2.Road Panchayat

3. Amrendra Barber


4. Chacha Ke Patake

5.Story Of An Interview

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